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The International Shipping and Forwarding Agents “Trentin Ennio” was founded in 1985.
Subsequently in 1995, following the entry of new partners, the company became Team Shipping Agency Srl, starting to work as agent of Grimaldi Group Spa, which includes the following companies::

  • Grimaldi Group
  • Grimaldi Euromed
  • Grimaldi Deep Sea
  • Atlantic Container Line
  • Malta Motorways of the Sea
  • Minoan Lines
  • Finlines

The Team Shipping Agency Srl plays the role of International Shipping and Forwarding Agents in order to offer a total “door to door” service to its customers in the international shipping sector, operating in the field of “Shipping Brokkerage”.
It is also able to operate with the utmost competence in the maritime transport branch, making use of adequate corporate flexibility and various correspondents in the world.
The company registered in 2003 on the roll of the “International Shipping and Forwarding Agents” (No.128).
In the Team Shipping Agency Srl Staff there are:

  • N°2 Shipping Agents
  • N°1 Broker
  • N°2 Custom Agents
  • N°2 Periti, enrolled in CCCIA of Venice



Le origini

Fondata l’Agenzia Marittima Raccomandataria “Trentin Ennio”

In seguito

Nasce Team Shipping e diventa agendete della Grimaldi Grooup di Napoli

Nuovi obiettvi

Nel 2003 la società si è iscritta all’albo degli Spedizionieri (n° 128) ed è partecipe al capitale sociale di Cetal Srl.